Chemlox Polishing Fluid

Chemlox 4 ltrs - Sodium hypochlorite based polishing fluid, with a high pH.  Suitable ..

Diamond Suspensions

Logitech diamond suspensions are high performance, water based diamond suspensions containing p..

Ethane-Diol Polishing Fluid

For use with silicon carbide and Aluminium Oxide powders when processing water soluble materials..

LogiPol Haze Inhibitor

Logipol Haze Inhibitor 3.8 ltrs - LogiPol Haze Inhibitor is a haze-inhibiting polishing additive ..

Logipol Polishing Fluid

Logipol 35 Polishing Fluid - 4 ltr - Logipol 35 polishing fluid is a sodium hypochlorite based addit..

SF1 Polishing Fluid

SF1 Polishing Fluid 5 ltrs - Alkaline colloidal silica. Suitable fo..
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