Ceramic Tiles

Unglazed ceramic mounting tiles for use with a Logitech APD1 or APD2 saw. Product Data: ..

Cooling transfer Oil

Logitech Cooling Transfer is a cooling oil for use with a Logitech WSBU system.  Product..

Diamond File

Logitech diamond file is ideal for use with Logitech glass lapping plates and glass test blocks. &n..

Dressing Stone

Dressing stone is an abrasive stone for grinding and polishing geological samples.Product Code: OCO..
Ecoclear Ecoclear


Logitech cleaning fluids and powders are non-solvent based.  They are suitable for most sampl..

Jet Lube Oil

Logitech CC Lube oil is used to lubricate the piston found on a Logitech PP5, PP6, PP8 and PLJ2 prec..

Keystone Blue

Logitech Keystone Blue dye is used in the impregnation of geological samples with synthetic resins. ..

Soluble Oil

Logitech M27 soluble oil is a coolant for use with a Logitech APD1 or APD2 saw. Product Code:..

Ultragrade 19 Vacuum Oil

Logitech Ultragrade 19 is a high performance lubricant oil for vacuum pumps an..
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