Ethane-Diol Polishing Fluid

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For use with silicon carbide and Aluminium Oxide powders when processing water soluble materials

Semiconductors Semiconductor materials are used in a wide variety of devices such as field effect transistors (MosFets, Fets), integrated circuits (ICs, MMICs, ASICs), focal plane arrays and infra-red detectors. Whatever the application or material, each semiconductor wafer undergoes several common stages during manufacture, which include slicing the wafer from the crystal, preparing the surface prior to fabrication and thinning the device after fabrication through the use of lapping and polishing techniques. Logitech provide complete system solutions including consumables for the precise thinning of these III-V, I.R. and similar materials.
Geological Sciences In many areas of geological study such as mineralogy, petrography and sedimentology you are required to analyse the characteristics of the materials such as soil or rock. To be able to do this a thin section needs to be prepared for microscopic examination. Logitech precision equipment is ideal for thin or ultra-thin section preparation. Our wide range of versatile systems enable you to trim, lap and polish geological thin sections such as rock, coal, concete and soils. Each of our systems are fully supported by a wide range of accessories and consumables, such as abrasive powders, polishing cloths and mounting media.
Optoelectronics Advances in communication technology have led to the development of a wide variety of optoelectronics and integrated optics devices for applications such as; dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), optical isolators, signal processors and optical switching. Logitech has a large selection of adaptable systems for the preparation of optoelectronic materials such as; silicon, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, bismuith silicon oxide, barium titanate and similar materials. Our systems, accessories and consumables provide defect free face and edge polishing on optoelectronic substrate and scratch free surfaces with exacting and repeatable dimensional tolerances
Optics The importance of optical polishing and the processing of optical components has never been greater with the ongoing development of the telecommunications market. Whether for Infra Red and polymer waveguide production or fibre optic cable polishing. The precision design and manufacture of our equipment enable you to obtain maximum results from the cutting, lapping and polishing of these optical materials.
Other Applications Logitech systems are used by organisations across the world for many different complex sample preparation processes. Including the thin section preparation of; Teeth, Bone, Otoliths, Ceramics, Metals, Alloys, Polymers and other Carbon-based materials.

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