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Glass coverslips protect valuable thin sections and improve optical clarity for transmitted microscopy.  These slide coverslips are specially designed to give high resistance to fogging and microscope mould - even under extreme weather conditions.

Manufactured under close control during all stages of production, the slip conforms to the standard microscope coverslip thickness of 0.170mm.

Geological Sciences In many areas of geological study such as mineralogy, petrography and sedimentology you are required to analyse the characteristics of the materials such as soil or rock. To be able to do this a thin section needs to be prepared for microscopic examination. Logitech precision equipment is ideal for thin or ultra-thin section preparation. Our wide range of versatile systems enable you to trim, lap and polish geological thin sections such as rock, coal, concete and soils. Each of our systems are fully supported by a wide range of accessories and consumables, such as abrasive powders, polishing cloths and mounting media.

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